Low Cost And Hassle Free Web Based Document Management

Typically, most of the organizations and companies have a large number of physical documents in the form of invoices, application forms and other business and finance related important documents that are required to be stored and accessed for reference when needed. Since, these large numbers of documents have to be stored and archived, big spaces are required for the maintenance and retrieval of these stored documents which is a cumbersome and time consuming job. Also, there are chances of documents being misplaced or damaged when retrieved. So, document management system is aimed at solving this problem by storing, tracking, retrieval and managing of documents electronically. And, this method of document management is a cost effective solution to save time, money and space.

Document management solution is aimed at providing the following benefits:
�It forms a centralized repository system for storing the documents.
�Paper documents can be scanned and files can be saved in the system.
�Access to documents can be restricted, there by, maintaining the security of sensitive data.
�Multiple versions of each document can be maintained and used as per the requirement.
�Sharing of documents can be done in an easy manner.
�Indexing document system enables easy and faster retrieval of documents.
�Audit log system helps in tracking the creation, modification and deletion of documents.

The main features of document management system include data storage, indexing, security, retrieval and tracking of documents. Documents can be stored and organized by importing electronic files or scanning the paper documents to be saved in a repository system. Indexing is associated with selecting of documents to enable faster retrieval by creating index fields that describes a document. For maintaining the security of sensitive and confidential documents, this system provides restricted access within the repository. For the quick retrieval of documents, detailed search criteria is provided in which the search can be performed on the basis of name, type, date and index fields attributed to the documents. Each and every detail of document creation, importing, modification and deletion is stored in the history or audit log system which allows easy tracking of documents.

Electronic document imaging software transforms the paper scanned documents into electronic documents that can also be edited. In this way, document imaging plays a significant role in records management operations in which scanned documents can be electronically generated into MS Word or Excel files and organized by saving key fields in the index card format. Web based document management system allows companies and organizations to share the files and collaborate with the clients, vendors and employees over the internet. The web based storage service provides a secure internet based system in which documents can be uploaded, downloaded, browsed, searched, tracked and indexed. So, web based document management system helps in storing and maintaining the documents online as the subscription service is delivered entirely through a web browser. And, this subscription service is offered at a very affordable pricing. Thus, online system of document management reduces the need of buying and installing the document management software.

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