Manage Your Investments Personal Finance And Portfolio In India The Easy Life Way

Easy Life Professional is a personal finance software to manage family finances. Easy Life helps you in comprehensive financial management for your entire family and covers all major investment avenues in India. You can organize and manage your investment portfolio using Easy Life covering the following:

– Share / Stock Management: Manage share applications, share transactions, options, stock split and bonus shares. Download live quote values from NSE / BSE for real time portfolio management.

– Personal Accounting: Enter all transactions related to Income, expenses, borrowed loans, non-life insurance payments. Track and analyze income and expenses over a period.

– Comprehensive Investment Management covering Real Estate and other assets: Store details of all your real assets including land, building, precious metals, jewellery, electronic and other consumer durables. Apart from stocks, manage all other financial investments covering mutual funds, fixed deposits, post office savings, life insurance and pension plans.

– Reports and Reminders: Update stock prices and mutual fund NAV, to update your stock and mutual fund investment portfolio. You can also enter current values for other investments. Apart from a large number of analytical reports such as Stocks / Mutual Fund Portfolio, Easy Life gives you reminders for all action items becoming due, such as insurance premiums, maturity of investments, birthdays and anniversaries.

Thus, Easy Life provides you a real picture of your true Net Worth, reflecting current values of all your investments and loans. Easy to use, proven software to manage personal finance for Indian investors.

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